Rent out a house in Amsterdam

Moving to another property? Would you like to rent out your house with a great profit while abroad? Hire Vastgoed Unie to get the job done! 

Renting your property by Vastgoed Unie

We will assist you from advertsing to signing the rental agreement. One of the most important jobs of us is carefully selecting the best potential tenants for you. We are specialised in finding the right expat for your house. We carefullly scan all potential tenants and will make sure you get the best. We continue to follow all real estate courses so we are fully up to date about all rules and regulations involved with renting out in the Netherlands. When you hire us you can be sure of:

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • straight forward communication: you know what to expect
  • We are on top of all new rules and regulations for renting out.

Ask us about the possibilities of renting out in Amsterdam

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